A Brief Opinion About Metaverse and Web3 Debate

Why Prons? Why Cons? Why what?

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The hype of the debate between the pros and cons on metaverses, and consequently on Web3, is fortunately fading and so I will briefly address it.

Metaverse and Web3 are not the same thing: the concept of the first, and its practical development, existed many years before (Second Life and without cryptocurrencies) we heard about the second. The development of DLT technology has put them on the same level for debate but they remain two distinct things.

On the one hand those in favor, who see the decentralization of the Web3 as the panacea to all the evils that afflict the internet; on the other hand, those whose point of view is the opposite for which nothing is decentralized (the blockchain servers are on AWS and the like, Meta & C. are everything except a decentralized solution and so will their metaverses), the transactions costs on public blockshains, are currently not affordable for a reasonable development and there are currently no operational bridges, for the average internet user, to deal with the current complexity UI of the Web3.

In the middle, the general media that, on average, do not know what they are talking about, the brands that suffer the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) bias, and then launch into bullshit-operations spending millions without a minimal strategy and, finally, a group of wise guys who are riding the NFT hype to bring home a bunch of money.

The balanced scenario, as usual, lies in the middle: metaverse and Web3 are immature technologies and for now, even simply technically for broadband usability from desktop and mobile, within the reach of a few and certainly not within the reach of the average internet user. To see if and how they will grow, we must wait: this, from the strategic side, does not mean forgetting them but tactically having the tools ready to face the development of new no-niche markets if and when it happens.

For now, the panacea has turned out to be a utopia (like everything else about the democratization of the Internet, or money or whatever, by DLT) and the development of the big-bang is only in the words and headlines of the media.

 by the author.



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