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Telegram Gram cryptocurrency

Archive, February 1, 2018, ICO and new cryptocurrency by Telegram

Telegram recently launched an ICO revolt to the implementation of the services offered. The text service in question is not at the top of the sector: currently it has between 170/180 mln of monthly users and delivers about 70 billion daily messages.

On other side, Telegram is not even among the safest services to entrust their privacy to. Indeed, the platform is not open source, so it cannot be tested by third parties, and only the reserved messages are peer2peer, while everyone else passes through the Telegram cloud and remain there until both users proceed to delete. The difference with a service like Signal, which is also the base of the privacy protection systems of WhatsApp, owned by FaceBook, and Skype, by Microsoft, is relevant especially for the user common that normally does not tend to deepen certain optical.

However, Telegram is catchy respect to competitors in many respects. First of all it is owned by two crafty old foxes, the Russian Durov bros, which combine high level tech and finance competences analysis with undisputed business skills.

Founders in 2007 of the social network VK, commonly read as the Russian Facebook with half a million users and first website for visits in the Confederation, the bros have always found a way to bring out Telegram by exploiting the media ambiguity resulting from hypothesized connections with Russian segret services opposed to positions clearly anti-censorship and anti-regime. With the ‘user friendly’ point of view, Telegram has always been a precursor of simplified solutions adopted by other platforms, it has an efficient, efficient and simple management service and an initializer and implementation a bot system based on elementary APIs.

At the end of the story of preventive intelligence analysis, which also includes other factors beyond those described, the deep web platform founded by the Durov Bros in 2013 can be viewed positively, as a whole, as an ICO investment hypothesis. The white paper accompanying the offer highlights how the aims you are proposing with the collection are to create, for quarterly steps by 2019, an integrated services platform on blockchain, called TON proprietary and scalable, interfacable both with existing existing internal services and with third-party developer products. TON between the services to be put in place naturally also includes a cryptocurrency, Gram, in which the countervalue of the token is expressed, through which to make the economic transactions necessary for the entire system.

To keep an eye on both the investment and the integrated services that will be proposed.

This post was originally published on February 1, 2018, in Italian version on www.thescanner.info .This is adaptation of a neuronal Italian/English AI translation by IBM Watson.



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