🇬🇧How bitcoin is effective and efficient as a currency

the use of bitcoin analyses
Can I ever pay for a coffee with bitcoins?
  • the first, with reference to the consumer goods then to the daily B2C: the wait for a transaction to be performed is not comparable, as a slowness, with a transaction carried out by competitors (credit cards, ATM or PayPal cards). The cause is technical, it is inherent in the original protocol, and until it is resolved it will continue to be a cause of serious inefficiency in this respect ;
  • the second, with reference to industrial goods therefore from business optics B2B : the transaction velocity versus competitors (SEPA cards and SWITF to make an example) is instead huge. Bitcoin is the dream of any corporate treasurer because it quickly allows it to transfer currency to any part of the world with minimal brokerage commissions : so in this respect it is very efficient. The problem in this case resides in the high volatility. It does not allow the definition of prices in Bitcoin normally stable or to carry out without any high exchange rate risk. The young market discovers the lack of effective business tools that can be used to cover the exchange-rate risk : it is unsuitable for a treasurer to load a risk that can also come to 5–6% in the fifteen/thirty minutes needed for confirmation. The context in this case is high efficiency of the instrument and inefficiency of the market ;
  • the third reason, as a result of the first two, are the C2C exchanges between people : Bitcoin is poorly used because it is not commercially known. Here, too, it is inefficient as a means of social payment.



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