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terrorism and smugglin
Smuggling crimes and terrorism

Archive, December 21, 2017, common crimes and terrorism

The link between terrorism and cigarettes emerges intuitively if you think about smuggling as a source of funding. In an analysis of the early 2016 French CAT (Centre d’ Analyse du Terrorisme) laid emphasis on how to smuggle and sell counterfeit products were important flows of money for terrorist organizations and one of the main links in conjunction with crime. Historically, each with its own specialisations of treated goods, the organization needs the profits derived from these activities both for primary financing, of the parent home, and as a source of supply for remote cells : the costs covered are as much as direct, necessary for the preparation and execution of operational actions, as well as indirect, much larger and necessary for the survival of the entire facility.

In this context, the analysis of CAT attributed the relevance, among other things, to cigarette smuggling : the topic was recently taken up in general terms by Addyiar, Lebanese news agency, and Al Arabiya with territorial focus on the Sahel and Maghreb. The two analyses agree and confirm in the indication of cigarettes, not only smuggled but also counterfeit, as a profitable vehicle of funding for terrorist activity to cover above all those who previously defined the indirect costs of the sector.

Some general considerations : the first, the observation of how an illegal activity with low individual marginal value of the good and with high volumetric impact of the same (high transport and logistics costs also with need of non-legality) is, in 2017 and at the macro level, still a leitmotif of the branch ; evidently the demand and profitability are high and territorial permeability, on the one hand, and the non-control of the areas concerned, on the other, allow the killing of commercial costs. The second, from the analyses, the terrorism trades and distributes the product : is not a producer and wholesaler ; the context of illegal supply chains is probably known, at the macro level, so a more focused action of research on product and money flows, which affect the transactions of non-terrorism-related rings, could be of good value in the fight against it. Finally, at micro level, we have already seen how smuggling is one of the illicit sources of financial survival for remote cells : an informative ‘follow the money-follow-the-good’ structured at the micro-territorial level could prove fruitful in a preventative way.

This post was originally published on December 21, 2017, in Italian version on www.thescanner.info .This is adaptation of a neuronal Italian/English AI translation by IBM Watson.




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alessandro rossi🧟‍♂️💭

alessandro rossi🧟‍♂️💭

Innovation Intelligence Analyst| Meditator Zombie| Hikikomori White-Haired| Digital Borderline| Has A Black Hole Under The Pillow| A Bad Product Of💜Venezia🦁

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