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The shale revolution is the second consequence of the oil crises that struck the Western world twice during the ‘ 70s of the the twentieth century. Although with less intensity than, for example, the European countries in the Mediterranean area especially the second oil escalation, that of 1978, did not leave the US free : the strategic reserves lowered to the minimum and the backlash on the daily, productive and consumption, were obvious from a point of media awareness.

The obsession of the US industrial policy of energy that followed that period can be summed up in two words ‘never again’ : this was the purpose, perfectly bipartisan, of all the administrations that followed. Never again the country would have to strategically depend on third party will on the energy.

The first consequence was the process, first geo-political and subsequently geo-economic, which led from the ‘80s to the mutual multi-dependency (commercial, military and financial) between the United States and the major oil producers of the gulf, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in primis. The strategic goal, without doubt centered, was for the US to become the preferred partner in relations with crude oil producers not only quantitatively but, also, more politically stable and more influential in the gulf area.

The second consequence was optimization in the efficiency of the fracking process, and that is, extraction of ‘shale products’ (crude and gas) from natural deposits of which the US is the world’s second holder, after China. The goal was in this case to get completely off from the dependency of foreign supply with sustainable costs. According to the ‘World Energy Outlook 2017’, published recently by the International Energy Agency, the goal has not only been achieved but exceeded as, according to the forecasts “The United States will be the undisputed leader of global oil and gas markets for breath to how”.

The considerations at all are fairly intuitive : a long-term industrial policy, targeted in this case to the energy factor, shared politically and consistently pursued for over forty years has produced socially fundamental results, so it contributed to the common good.

Extreme attention in terms of intelligence has been given to the realization of crucial scenarios primarily in a geo-economical function ; in parallel, the domestic productive sectors have been accompanied both in the field of innovation intelligence, by which the extractive efficiency has only increased by 40% over the past five years, and in the SOCMINT field. Here an action of social media joint intelligence between government agencies, research centers and producers allowed to deny the false propagandists of an environmentalist nature and positively influence those with a foundation of truth.

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